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would not say how he obstructed the plate. officer youngstorm just pulled up to the shoulder. he got out of the car. >> he apparently motions or districts the jeep to pull in behind his vehicle. the second officer initiates the stop and behind the wrangler. >> the jeep is now sandwiched between two cars. officer youngstorm goes to the driver's side of the jeep. the dash board camera on his partner's car records what happened next. >> officer youngstorm and lacey have a conversation. then, lacey pulls out a gun and shot officer youngstorm in the head. his partner approaching from the rear heard a gunshot, how his partner go down, withdrew his own service weapon, and not at the jeep, striking lacey critically. >> we're back here live in martinez, investigators searched lacey's jeep they
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found a semi automatic gloc handgun and two loaded magazines as well as a knife. investigation continues and the big question, motive, why did lacey shoot officer youngstorm? >> and there is more information about the shooter, sheriff deputies found multiple computers and drives in his home, they're now analyzing the material. as vic just mentioned investigators discovered a loaded handgun in the jeep with two loaded magazines and additional ammunition. lacey graduated from san francisco state university with a master's degree in computer science in 2005, his only criminal history appears to be a dury. a -- dui arrest in 2006. investigators hope to learn more by talking with his father. >> at the hospital in walnut creek, friends and family continued their vigil for the officer. and leslie brinkley is there live.
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>> there is no expectation now that this chp officer is going to survive. officer youngstorm is still on life support here. that bullet to the head receivered his spinal cord. goising to be up to doctors to decide when he would be taken off life support. his family is at his side. all day long, chp officers colleagues and friends have been filing in and out of the hospital. and crisis specialists and officers from other agencies are offering to console and support those who know officer youngstorm. >> he's always there to support us and he's the first one to volunteer and he's close to his family. and right now, his family is hurting as well as we are all are. >> everyone is hurting. there is no question. this hit the heart of the
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patrol in general. and we're getting to the incident. >> officer youngstorm has a wife and four children. he's being kept on life support so colleagues and friends can touch base with him. there is certainly here a feeling and a mood in the air as we talk to people of despair. >> in cordelia neighbors of officer youngstorm describe him as someone always willing to risk his life to help someone else, they told us about his relationship with his four children. >> he's a great dad, always outside playing with the kids and with my brother. he was just always involved with family. just great. a great man. >> casey says officer
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youngstorm came to her rescue she thought someone was in the house. two shared a laugh when the two discovered it was her large dog making noise. >> the vigil takes place at 7:30 in the park in oak brook drive in core deala. and we'll bring you the latest on this investigation into the highway shootout on abc 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. also, we've created a special section on our facebook page for to you leave your thoughts of support for officer youngstorm and his family. >> there is a search under way for a man attack -- accused of attacking a 16-year-old girl. >> take a look. we have a sketch to show you. the victim told investigators she was getting off a bus when a man tried to grab her and pulled her hair. she zreemed -- screamed. he was wearing blue jeans and a white tank top. >> turning to weather now in a live look outside there is a
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gloomy, gray day. >> we can be getting thunderstorms tonight. >> we have had several hundred strikes from scattered thunderstorms reaching from santa clara valley towards central valley. there is a wide radar image. you can see there is a thunderstorm cell down near san jose right now. and there is this sell moving northward and weakening now. we have had some scattered light sprinkle was this system and there are other areas we can see moisture in the atmosphere. and reaching from redwood city and woodside across the bay, some moisture in the air, perhaps light scattered sprinkles there. there is a thunderstorm cell producing a lightning strike near lacey -- tracy that is weakening now moving towards stockton area there. is a wide area of scattered
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thunderstorms now. and there is a red flag warning in affect for much of the bay area in effect until 11:00 tomorrow morning covering north bay mountain asks valleys and delta. and there is what we should be looking out for is possibility of cloud to ground lightning strikes and gusty winds. there are all of the elements possible and this is into tomorrow morning. i'll have more a little bit late year one injury has been reported the result of a big rig accident in richmond. sky 7 over head after a tractor trailer apparently rear ended a tanker truck eastbound lanes on richmond park way were closed while crews cleared the wreck. that contains leaking fuel. they had to be careful about that. we're waiting for when those lanes will reopen. >> chevron set to release a 30 day report with new findings
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on the massive fire in richmond. the refinery caught fire and leaked hydrocarbon into the air. 18,000 residents have filed claims and another 3,000 have signed up to file legal claims. chevron faces fines up to $25,000 per day for violating air quality standard. >> and now to politics happening now in the race for rez. in charlotte, north carolina democrats getting ready to hear former president clinton make his case for a second term for president obama. officials say the speech will remind americans of a thriving economy during his administration how policies can bring back prosperity. some say it's risky. >> this danger is that a lot of people might wish bill clinton were president again. after all, things were better when he was president than they are today.
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>> the president arrived in charlotte ahead of his speech tomorrow night. there has been a major change in plans. officials move the speech from out doors indoors because of the threat of severe weather. there is mark matthews will join us live at 5:00. you can get instant updates by following him on our facebook page or on twitter. and abc network coverage here on a about. c 7. >> republican nominee mitt romney taking the day off but the secret service is now investigating whether hackers stole copies of his tax returns. the offices in tennessee receive aid letter and a flash drive allegedly containing unreleased tax records. the letter claims they were copied from computers. secret service agents now confiscated them. accounting firm said there is no evidence it's systems were
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hacked. >> and ann romney says america's women need to wake up told a largely female audience in a women for mitt rally in ohio her husband understands women struggles. >> mitt will be there for you. he will stand up for you. he will hear your voices. he knows how to fix an economy. he's a can do kind of guy. he's a turn around guy. >> the campaign is working hard to try to shrink the gender gap. most polls sow the president with a tubl digit lead. >> happening now, napa valley harest is underway. workers picking grapes day and night. >> there is a valley put california wines on the map. >> in nappy valley, grape harvest has begun. the first of them here is the result. it's next year's win. it will look better than this.
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right now, just grape juice, be patient it was a very good year to be a grape. >> better year to be a wine? >> you're not going to jinx it, are you? >> no. >> this grower was optimistic the wine-producing elite in a state of the grape pressure this morning. they described perfect weather this season. these grapes will fetch $90 a bottle. such quality is why wine brought $11 billion to nappy county last year. and there is money for premium bottles there is no faking the good stuff. >> there are people behind it. there is sunshine going into it. and it's not something coming off a factory line or like the next bottle on the shelf. it's something special. it's authentic. >> they expect to begin pulling the grapes from wines in about 30 days. from the napa valley, abc 7
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news. >> and still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 dorothy didn't have these. the lawsuit involving high-prized red heeled shoe autos coming up, internet goes nuts over the first lady's speech. it's not what she said, but what she wore. >> and michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook and women answer them here, live, you can contact michael on finney or on twitter. >> and checking traffic at 4:1 is -- 4:11. the usual grim scene left to right. traffic is heading towards lower deck of the bay bridge. folks head together east bay, better for folks bound for the peninsula and 101 south. stay with us. more
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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there is a new executive at yahoo and lor yeen jobs new role. and and for those stories and more and hi, larry. and it's uncovered for seriously violations and six of and the alleged abuses include excessive overtime and investigators reported exhausting working conditions foremost employees to work while standing up to 12 hours, samsung said it will start reevaluating practices in china. james chung says we review our
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manufacturing facilities regarding overtime work and will reevaluate working-hour practices when new products are launched. high demand led to overtime work a cording to the china labor watch report overtime reached or exceeded 100 hours per month. have something only one day off. a month. and both apple and fbi denying a startling claim by a group of hackers that say they broke into an fbi lap top and found information on 12 million apple use year kts. if true, claims would raise questions about why the fbi would obtain such information. apple insists it did not give information to the fbi or other organizations. and yzynga announced plans to release a sequel to the game. while full of cute cartoon animals and plants, farmville
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two is business for zynga. this faces pressure from investors over poor stock performance. >> and marine powell jobs is boarding the board of trustees at her ahma mater. she earned an mba in stanford in 1991. stocks fluctuated throughout the day, ending mixed after disappointing global economic data and because fed-ex earnings declined. >> and yahoo hired the company's new executive vice president of people and development. background including seven years at goldman sacks before becoming ceo of i-building. she'll be responsible for yahoo talent acquisition and that is an important job, and
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she'll report to yahoo ceo marisa myer. larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> and christian christian louboutin won a lawsuit that has a shoe company seeing red. the shoes can run into the thousands of dollars this, pair costs 63 the $95. an appeals kurt ruled the red soles are entitled to trademark protection. this is after yves st. laurent started making red-soled heels. >> the first lady's speech generated a lot of talk and so has her outfit. she wore a sleeveless pink and gold dress with blue gray trim with $245 j crew heels in the color rhubarb and had a blue-gray manicure. the tracy reese web site nearly crashed from the number of people searching for that
4:18 pm
dress. it's not out yet but reese says it will sell for under $500 when it hits store autos spencer christian is now here, wearing gray which is the way it looks outside. >> and a lot cooler, lots of clouds around. scattered thunderstorms with lightning strikes in the day. we still have accuweather. there is a live view from our east bay hills camera. there is a little blue and sun burning through. you might see spots on the camera lens from earlier rain. most of the bay area is dry. we do have pockets of sprinkles and thunderstorms cells now and this is a where you can see movement of the cell. now, let's take a look forth over to the bay from, from the
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peninsula eastward, we have moisture in the atmosphere, sprinkles hitting the ground buchl there is no significant rainfall. there is temperatures into low to mid-80s. these are the highlights. more isolated thunderstorms during overnight hours and clearing out tomorrow mild pattern and calmer one friday through sunday. overnight lows into mid-50s tonight. clear skies inland. sheer what's happening with satellite radar composite image. a remnant low from what was tropical storm john. there are scattered showers we've shown you. at 7:00 tonight, slight chance of storms. the moisture moves through and will be out of here by morning and then, we'll start to get a more seasonal type of day in
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the afternoon hours tomorrow. speaking of afternoon tomorrow, south bay, partly cloudy skies, high temperatures on the mild side, into upper 70s to low 80s in campbell. on peninsula, upper 60s to mid to upper 70s. 77 in mountain view. mid to upper 50s on the coast. there is a high of 65 degrees tomorrow, north bay highs from upper 70s to low 80s. there is highs low to mid-70s for the most part. inland east bay, highs into mid to upper 80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a rather steady pattern friday through sunday, mid-80s inland and 70s around the bay. warming up on monday. and there are thunderstorm possibilities will decrease. >> ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00
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latest from the red carpet. >> bradley cooper joining force was childhood buddies. in los angeles, coming up, the actor talks about working on his latest movie with friends. >> and coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 how could it happen? california teachers getting huge pay raises to boost pensions as classrooms feel the pinch. >> and at 4:to 1, a live look at traffic in walnut creek now. this is 680. traffic coming towards you is heading northbound. southbound on the right. looks good. considering it's a middle of the week afternoon. stay with us.
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actor bradley cooper breaking the rule about combining friends and business. >> the r & b diva files a -- settles a lawsuit. >> and it's not every day a big star gets to work with childhood friends. so when bradley cooper got to work with his old buddies it was a dream come true. we chatted with the actor last night at the red carpet of the drama "the word "oichl he says having his friends write and direct the movie was crazy. >> to be able to work with your friends and watch them succeed and help them in any way, it's the best thing you can ever want. >> it's in theaters on friday.
4:25 pm
and we're about a month way from country music's biggest nights, cma awards, luke brian talked bit this morning on gma. >> jason and i have been on tour together the whole year, kind of capped the year off with cma award nomination is mazing stuff. you never take this stuff for granted. >> find out if the guys win november 1 here on abc. and r & b diva patty la bell will have to pay up arks agreeing to pay 100,000ses today a manhattan woman who accused her of hurling water at her and her daughter last year, lawyers for the plaintiff say they'll donate money to charity. for everything else entertainment go to >> and there is more still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00 a bay area lawmaker shows support for parents of a missing morgan hill teenager. >> a 16-year-old boy with down's syndrome labored a
4:26 pm
safety right after this skpk barred from getting back on a flight to california. >> setting the stage for katie. the man who created the
4:27 pm
4:28 pm
in vallejo there is are the of tension over the killing of a man this weekend by police officers. the family says officers had
4:29 pm
no reason to shoot. the police chief says his men fired when they saw a gun. abc 7 news is live in vallejo where the chief tried to explain what happened there. >> we're trying to give consistent stensys. and one man is still hospitalized and another one is dead and his family is angry. family members and friends still looking for answers from the police department. after sunday morning's fatal shooting. >> there is nothing to jeff fi what they have done when they did not give him a chance... they shot my son, execution style. >> and the police chief defended actions of officer who's came upon them sitting in a car at 4:00 in the morning ordered both out of the car and they say roamero had a gun in his waist band.
4:30 pm
>> the driver reached down towards the sunday gun at which time officers engaged in lethal force. >> 31 rounds. >> this amount of shots in officer's minds to a evasive threat. one officer did get up on the hood of the car. he did get up on the hood to take a look inside of the car. >> police say the gun he was carrying was a replica. she showed us the real thing. the real one is on the left. there have been seven incidents involving officers since may. but the chief says his officers are not using excessive force. >> and individuals who are seemingly more willing to confront officers with guns that that is going to be a recipe for disaster. >> and in this neighborhood there has been a grow growing memorial. >> families denying that he was carrying a gun or that he
4:31 pm
had one. and investigators still have not talked to any members of the family including the sister. the mayor's office trying to arrange a meeting between the family, chief, and the mayor's office next week. >> thank you, son. >> a south bay congress woman joined a search for missing teenager sierra lamar, family and friends, though vrx not given up. >> she talked to parents of the girl who has been missing since the middle of march. her frens attracted the media. >> it's a remarkable thing six months out, people are still coming twice per week and trying to find her and also in doing so, giving support to the family. >> sierra's parents pushing for legislation requiring schools to notify parents
4:32 pm
immediately if a child does not make to it first period. sierra disappeared about company in the morning her parents did not find out she hadn't made to it school until that evening. they promised to lobby lawmakers on behalf of the effort. >> if children don't go to home run class or show up at first class there is a notification made to the parents giving the advanced state of software these day that's cannot be too difficult to task. >> the 21-year-old has been charged with a kidnapping and murder. police say her dna has been found in her car but there is no trace of the girl. her mother is hoping he'll speak up. >> we know he does have answers and i'm just hoping and praying that he will come forward to end the mystery. >> this is not the only event dedicated to sierra lamar today, tonight there is going to be a candle light vigil.
4:33 pm
organizers say they're going place the candles to spell out a message to seera, in hopes of bringing her home. >> a central valley family plans to sue american airlines claiming it discriminated against their son because he has down's syndrome. the airline banned him and his parents labeling the young man a flight risk because he was excitable, and claiming he was running around the terminal. the boy's mother reported the exchange and says the airline violated her son's civil rights and american was disability act. the reason they didn't want him on that plane is simple. >> is that this little boy an area that, wasn't acceptable. >> the family was told the behavior was a concern because first class seats were close to the cockpit and a
4:34 pm
distraction to the pilot could cause a mid flight emergency alanding. >> katie couric's new talk show launches live. in four months michael hotoff created a space and i spoke with him in new york about the chal qempk -- challenges. the studio that used to house who wants to be a millionaire has been trance formed. >> this is exciting is that we've put katie in the first row of the audience within reach. normally there is a talent then camera alley. so, they're one. >> listen carefully. talking about being so close. >> i'm going to be careful not to spit. >> they decided on six rows, 143 seats with cameras on the sides and back of the audience. >> it does seem more intimate in there. >> that is the idea we want to
4:35 pm
have something intimate and straight forward. katie is the world's best at interviewing and conversation. we wanted to create her forum so they can have that dialogue and you can feel the difference. >> the space is flexible from drop down screens to materials. >> it's all in neutrals and glass and materials that take flight. colors we're using can be colored in a way. one day it was all red. and it will take on any kind of color. >> and furniture crafted for katie. i interviewed her on set we sat on one two of ends of a sofa. >> hers is more ridgit. -- rigid. the schairs work witness. they're all short. she was measured to what is
4:36 pm
comfortable for her and the actual furniture has been built to that specification. >> how nice to be katie. >> and key are elements created and evolved. >> we're designing the show for six months from now. what it will be. >> we do know that on her first show this monday she'll be interviewing jessica simpton. it launches monday at 3:00. >> going to be fun to see it. >> will. >> there is a growing number of parents turning to a supplement trying to get their kids to go to bed on time. the question about giving melatonin to your children. >> and there is a a question and answer just ahead. i'm still taking your questions and you can contact me on finney abc 7.
4:37 pm
i'll answer questions here live a little later. >> i'm spencer christian. there is lots of clouds in the sky. i'll have the accu-weather
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
>> checking healthy living news this afternoon, national park service is taking its hanta virus alert overseas. u.s. health officials sent warnings to 39 countries of
4:40 pm
their citizens may have been exposed to the potentially deadly rodent borne virus. officials believe a quarter of the people thought to be at risk came from overseas. so far two people, including an alameda county man died of the disease. authorities believe most of the victims stayed in the curry village camping area. a growing number of parents using the supplement melatonin to help put their kids to sleep. experts say it's a sleep hormone produced by the brain. the artificial version has a higher dosage. some studies show kit help children with autism fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer but it is not fda approved and some have expressed concern including dr. owens. >> there are no long-term studies looking at possible
4:41 pm
side affects down the load. -- road each perts say manufactured melatonin can have side affects including headaches and they say you should consult your doctor. >> now, check out this video. it shows off some serious skills. >> there is a new you tube video. he can ride or fly over just about any surface imaginable. oh, man! the 26-year-old un plaza and rode along the top of the railing at twin peaks. don't try this at home. okay? or any place else. unless you're fearless and highly skilled.
4:42 pm
which sounds like spencer christian. >> i'm trying that. >> and. >> here is a time lapse view this afternoon. there is low clouds traveling across the bay. there is a lot of scattered areas of moisture and sprinkles around the bay area now. there are lightning strikes off shore there. there is a little cell near san jose now. it's weakening. this is a loop showing you movement of this area of moisture across the santa cruz mountains and into the south bay and east bay. dwe have a red flag warning in effect for wide portions in there is elements that could raise the risk for fire over next, oh, 16 or 18 hours.
4:43 pm
and there is warm inland east bay and north bay. just mild everywhere else. highs into upper 60s on the coast. 70s around the bay. upper 80s inland east bay. and there is a lovely day tomorrow and a day of less-active weather we had today. >> thanks spencer. >> and the economic troubles in greece could mean changes for workers there. what they can be seeing if the nation gets it way. >> what can you do if i back to you a used car and the axel breaks just two weeks later, i'll have the answer to that and that is coming up.
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4:46 pm
>>. people of greece may face a six day work week. reports say the groups oversatisfying the bailout are insisting that they implement radical reform and representative from the organizations are back to assess progress on economic
4:47 pm
reforms that determine whether this country gets the next bailout installment. >> there is michael finney answer questions and and and is happy it wanted to go through the wash. and and there is it's because it's not made out owe of paper, we call it paper money but it isn't. and that is why they say lick an old tee shirt will fade, that is what dollar bills do. >> and i bought a used vehicle about a month ago, from a car dealer after two weeks and three days the rear axel
4:48 pm
broke. am i covered by the lemon law? >> maybe there. is a good chance of that. and there is a rule of thumb is 18 months but if that car and any cars have a three year long warranty. if you bought it within that three-year warranty, then, you're still protected fchl something breaks like that, if they have something broken, they get four attempts to get it fixed. and if they don't it's kind of unofficially a lemon. twice if it's something that is safety related such as an axel falling off. and you're not, if it's two, three. >> the key is that since it's a used car is how old it is. >> how old is the car? how long was the original warranty? >> catherine writes i was sent a bill for a $150 fire
4:49 pm
prevention fee. what is this? >> this is for those folks that live in a county area without a city fire department. the state is actually responsible for the prevention ask suppression of wildfire. and those homeowners receiving from the state. this is a brand new fee, it's only unincorporated areas very controversial and may be revisited. what is going on is that state says dwopt have the money to fight this. everyone else paying for fire protection. >> thanks michael. >> sure. >> facebook ceo is making a new pledge what. he's promise not to do to ease fears over his company's sinking stock autos and... >> there is over the next few days there is going to be a flood of models coming out. we'll have a live report coming up. >> there is why america's love
4:50 pm
affair with smart phone apps may be wayneing. >> here is david muir with a look at world news at 5:30. >> there is sudden change here in the democratic convention. why the president knew moved his speech. michelle obama and that dress last night. now what happened on the day after. and there is a frightening bank robbery. a manager with a bomb strapped to her, we're told if you wait before placing that order you can save up to $100. we get to the bottom that have right after
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
mark zuckerberg is trying to reassure investors he won't be selling facebook shares for next year he says he plans to sit down for a rare on stage interview in san francisco and it will be his first public
4:54 pm
appearance since the company stock market debut in may. shares have been in a downward spire yil hitting a low of $17.75 a share, less than half of the initial public offering price. after today's pledge, the stock closed up slightly. >> cell phone makers vying for attention as they unveil new models for the holiday ootz rush is on because apple will debut its new iphone next week. >> david louie is live for us. david? >> there is a lot more than phones these days and they run all kinds of applications. but there is a war that laumpbled a cell phone war. >> there are plenty of choices yet everyone seems to have a preference. >> iphone?
4:55 pm
>> yeah. an droid. >> nay. >> nokia? >> eh. >> that is not what nokia wants to hear. it just unveiled two models as it claws its way back to the hearts of consumers. today it's not in the top five. and an explosion of new models is underway. samsung and sony showed off new phones last week. and nokia and motorola today. apple's turn is next wednesday. >> why yeah to iphone? >> because... everybody has one. >> tech blogs have been speculating it will have a larger skpreen a new connector for charging and syncing. following the crowd appears to be a reason why brands are falling. tech conducted a survey of 1300 people. >> and what just happened?. >> and there is among 31% who won't upgrade.
4:56 pm
>> usually just a few tweaks they change in the newer version. so i'm happy with you know, the version i have. >> and jake ash is an android user. >> as much as there is a feeling to go buy the new one very so say, is my current device meeting needs? it usually is. >> cell phone makers recognize new technology tends to unleash spending. >> this seems to be open for spending more money for technology. they're lacking in price sensitivity whit comes to improving technology used in their lives. >> some of the new models will hit stores at the end of next week. look for lots of promotions and buzz. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and mobile survey called web index is the most effective country in the worl when it comes to using the internet.
4:57 pm
>> sweden topped the list and web index is a brain child of an m.i.t.professor one of the pioneers of the internet. this measures economic, social and political impact of the internet ranking 61 countries on criteria ranging from people online to amount of useful content available. >> there is what we try to measure the impact. sit helping you with your health? with education? is this helping with the government of the country. >> and saying there is only one in three people using the web globally, only one in six in africa. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> and abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. we know the role play that had left a chp officer on life
4:58 pm
support. >> learning details about the shooter and breakdown he may have recently had. >> i'm sandhya patel. live doppler 7 hd tracking lightning and rain drops and i'll have the very latest coming up. >> we know circumstance that's led toupt shootout in alamo yesterday that left chp officer ken onyoungstorm on life support. >> he was responding to a call about a dead deer when a fellow oofser radioed he was about to pull over a jeep with an obstructed license plate it was being driven by a 36-year-old from northern california town of corning but there are many ties. good evening, i'm cheryl jengs. >> abc 7 news is live from the office why martinez to walk you through this new information about exactly what happened. vic? >> well, dan, the shootout was
4:59 pm
quick. maybe about 30, 45 seconds. that is what contra costa county sheriff's spokesman jimmy lee told us, answering a lot of questions at his briefing. among them, the sequence of events in that shootout. >> we tried to provide traffic control and assistance as well as we can to return everything to the normal flow of traffic. >> that is what's happening just where br this shooting supposed to be a routine morning. for the chp. 8:20 a.m. tail end of the commute hour on highway 680. officer youngstorm, a seven year veteran of the force and his beat partner responded in several cars to a traffic accident. >> and there is that location he was not able to locate an accident scene. therefore he clear that had detail. >> the two officers then agreed to meet a short distance up the freeway to handle a dead gear that

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